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Institutional Open Access Publication Server

pub.mdw is a mdwRepository service exclusively for publications which resulting from research at the mdw, and which are meant to be openly distributed to the interested public. Accordingly, pub.mdw is a crucial tool of the mdw open access strategy. The discoverability of publications deposted with pub.mdw is continuously improved.

mdwRepository is the underlying technical infrastructure of pub.mdw, provided to mdw affiliates to store their digital objects safely, describe them for future use (metadata), and to manage access rights. Depending on the type of object, and the intended audience, according mdwRepository services are available.

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Explore the Open Access publications available at pub.mdw.

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Deposit your Open Access publications on pub.mdw.

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The mdw commits to Open Access publications, research data and other research output.


pub.mdw is part of BASE

All publications available in pub.mdw are indexed in the Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) (with a delay).