pub.mdw - Depositor Information

pub.mdw enables you to deposit your publications in an easy way. You can create an entirely new publication record, or simply the modify an existing record (e.g. as the data was harvested initially from open access portals).

As a researcher, two things are important:

  1. increase the reach of your scientific work, and ensure it has impact and
  2. secure research outputs and research data for future use.

While pub.mdw is the central hub for publications, rdm.mdw allows you to archive your datasets and other research related outputs. Datasets on rdm.mdw can be easily linked to publications in pub.mdw (see Depositing Guide). Supporting transparency in research, this combination of mdwRepository Services promotes critical evaluation of research outputs, increases the credibility of the research and ensures compliancy with financiers and open access journals policies that require open access to research outputs and research data.

pub.mdw allows easy access to the research outputs with data stored on secure servers directly at the mdw.

Any book, book parts, journal article, or conference proceedings and articles issued under an open license, e.g. Creative Commons, and versions of publications in accordance with the Open Access criteria of the publisher. Consult the respective journal and/or publisher self-archiving policies. These policies typically refer to Journal Article Versions (JAV) defined by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) versions of publications that can be self-archived.

When possible the published version of the publication should be self-archived.

In order to deposit publications on pub.mdw the depositor
  • must be affiliated with the mdw, and
  • must accept the TermsOfUse of the mdwRepository.
If you meet the requirements you can start submitting. Go to pub.mdw login with your mdw user credentials (mdwOnline username and password). On successfull login you will be redirected to the main pub.mdw adminsitration page. The pub.mdw team will enable your account for depositing.

In order to deposit a publication you must
  • upload the original document in PDF format (pub.mdw can store files with a maximum filesize of 100 Mb) and
  • fill out basic metadata about the publication. Please refer to our pub.mdw metadata guide for further information as metadata may differ among publication types.

For more detailed information please see our Depositor Guide.