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Vienna’s F€M1N1$T Answer to Sad Boys

Fuernkranz, Magdalena

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Abstract (English)

The female artists G-udit and $chwanger, aka Klitclique, act as rappers and F€M1N1$TS in Vienna’s art and underground music scene. Founded in 2005, the hip hop duo uses trap rap and a certain DIY ethic to reconstruct the sounds of feminism. The fact that Klitclique raps from a feminist perspective seems to arouse greater interest in the art world than in the hip hop scene. Regarding the first album release, Klitclique plans physical releases in the form of installations as an equal component of its music. In their performances the two artists use music, language, and props as response to a male culture that still ignores, controls and irritates female sexuality. In this paper I will discuss the image and effects of feminism in trap rap, the role of languages in existing conceptions of gender identities as well as the de-/construction of gender clichés by analysing Klitclique’s lyrics and performances.

Vienna’s F€M1N1$T Answer to Sad Boys
Fuernkranz, Magdalena |  
University of Porto. Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Book Chapter
782 - Vocal Music
Open Access
ISBN: 978-989-54179-1-9