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Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects

DAFx2020in21 Vol.2

Evangelista, Gianpaolo | Holighaus, Nicki

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Abstract (English)

Session 1: Virtual Analog: JUDY NAJNUDEL, RÉMY MÜLLER, THOMAS HÉLIE and DAVID ROZE: Identification of Nonlinear Circuits As Port-Hamiltonian Systems | PIER PAOLO LA PASTINA, STEFANO D'ANGELO and LEONARDO GABRIELLI: Arbitrary-Order IIR Antiderivative Antialiasing | KURT JAMES WERNER: An Equivalent Circuit Interpretation of Antiderivative Antialiasing | MICHELE DUCCESCHI, STEFAN BILBAO and CRAIG J. WEBB: Non-Iterative Schemes for the Simulation of Nonlinear Audio Circuits | MOHAMMED DANISH, STEFAN BILBAO and MICHELE DUCCESCHI: Applications of Port Hamiltonian Methods to Non-Iterative Stable Simulations of the Korg35 and Moog 4-Pole VCF | FABIÁN ESQUEDA, BORIS KUZNETSOV AND JULIAN D. PARKER: Differentiable White-Box Virtual Analog Modeling | FRANÇOIS G. GERMAIN: Practical Virtual Analog Modeling Using Möbius Transforms | Session 2: Analysis and Manipulation: JASON NARADOWSKY: Amp-Space: A Large-Scale Dataset for Fine-Grained Timbre Transformation | JULIAN NERI, PHILIPPE DEPALLE and ROLAND BADEAU: Damped Chirp Mixture Estimation via Nonlinear Bayesian Regression | LEONARDO FIERRO and VESA VÄLIMÄKI: SiTraNo: A MATLAB App for Sines-Transients-Noise Decomposition of Audio Signals | MARCELO CAETANO and PHILIPPE DEPALLE: On the Estimation of Sinusoidal Parameters via Parabolic Interpolation of Scaled Magnitude Spectra | Session 3: Audio Processing and Effects: PIER PAOLO LA PASTINA and STEFANO D'ANGELO: Optimal Integer Order Approximation of Fractional Order Filters | CHAMP C. DARABUNDIT and JONATHAN S. ABEL: Conformal Maps for the Discretization of Analog Filters Near the Nyquist Limit | SEBASTIAN LAGUERRE and GARY P. SCAVONE: Simulating a Hexaphonic Pickup Using Parallel Comb Filters for Guitar Distortion | YURI DE PRA, FEDERICO FONTANA and STEFANO PAPETTI: Interacting with Digital Audio Effects Through a Haptic Knob with Programmable Resistance | SEBASTIAN ROSENZWEIG, SIMON SCHWÄR, JONATHAN DRIEDGER and MEINARD MÜLLER: Adaptive Pitch-Shifting with Applications to Intonation Adjustment in A Cappella Recordings | JON FAGERSTRÖM, SEBASTIAN J. SCHLECHT and VESA VÄLIMÄKI: One-to-Many Conversion for Percussive Samples | Session 4: Physical Modeling: VINAYAK AGARWAL, MADDIE CUSIMANO, JAMES TRAER and JOSH MCDERMOTT: Object-Based Synthesis of Scraping and Rolling Sounds Based on Non-Linear Physical Constraints | SILVIN WILLEMSEN, STEFAN BILBAO, MICHELE DUCCESCHI and STEFANIA SERAFIN: Dynamic Grids for Finite-Difference Schemes in Musical Instrument Simulations | SILVIN WILLEMSEN, STEFAN BILBAO, MICHELE DUCCESCHI and STEFANIA SERAFIN: A Physical Model of the Trombone Using Dynamic Grids for Finite-Difference Schemes | BRIAN HAMILTON: Air Absorption Filtering Method Based on Approximate Green's Function for Stokes' Equation | MARIUS GEORGE ONOFREI, SILVIN WILLEMSEN and STEFANIA SERAFIN: Real-Time Implementation of a Friction Drum Inspired Instrument Using Finite Difference Schemes | VADIM ZAVALISHIN and JULIAN D. PARKER: On the Equivalence of Integrator- and Differentiator-Based Continuous- and Discrete-Time Systems | Session 5: Spatial Audio and Artificial Reverberation: NARA HAHN, FRANK SCHULTZ and SASCHA SPORS: Higher-Order Anti-Derivatives of Band Limited Step Functions for the Design of Radial Filters in Spherical Harmonics Expansions | JACOB MCQUILLAN and MAARTEN VAN WALSTIJN: Modal Spring Reverb Based on Discretisation of the Thin Helical Spring Model | RAIMUNDO GONZALEZ, ARCHONTIS POLITIS and TAPIO LOKKI: Spherical Decomposition of Arbitrary Scattering Geometries for Virtual Acoustic Environments | JANIS HELDMANN and SEBASTIAN J. SCHLECHT: The Role of Modal Excitation in Colorless Reverberation | LEO MCCORMACK, ARCHONTIS POLITIS and VILLE PULKKI: Parametric Spatial Audio Effects Based on the Multi-Directional Decomposition of Ambisonic Sound Scenes | Session 6: Synthesis: JOSEPH TURIAN, JORDIE SHIER, GEORGE TZANETAKIS, KIRK MCNALLY and MAX HENRY: One Billion Audio Sounds From GPU-Enabled Modular Synthesis | PRATEEK VERMA and CHRIS CHAFE: A Generative Model for Raw Audio Using Transformer Architectures | DARIO SANFILIPPO and JULIAN D. PARKER: Combining Zeroth and First-Order Analysis with Lagrange Polynomials to Reduce Artefacts in Live Concatenative Granulation | TIAGO FERNANDES TAVARES, THALES ROEL P. PESSANHA, GUSTAVO NISHIHARA and GUILHERME ZANCHETTA L. AVILA: Alloy Sounds: Non-Repeating Sound Textures with Probabilistic Cellular Automata | GERARD ROMA, PIERRE ALEXANDRE TREMBLAY and OWEN GREEN: Graph-Based Audio Looping and Granulation | GEORG ESSL: Topologizing Sound Synthesis via Sheaves | Session 7: Machine Learning and Music Information Retrieval: DOMENICO STEFANI and LUCA TURCHET: Bio-Inspired Optimization of Parametric Onset Detectors | GWENDAL LE VAILLANT, THIERRY DUTOIT and SÉBASTIEN DEKEYSER: Improving Synthesizer Programming From Variational Autoencoders Latent Space | ALEKSI PEUSSA, EERO-PEKKA DAMSKÄGG, THOMAS SHERSON, STYLIANOS I. MIMILAKIS, LAURI JUVELA, ATHANASIOS GOTSOPOULOS and VESA VÄLIMÄKI: Exposure Bias and State Matching in Recurrent Neural Network Virtual Analog Models | XIANKE WANG, WEI XU, JUANTING LIU, WEIMING YANG and WENQING CHENG: Transition-Aware: A More Robust Approach for Piano Transcription | NAOTAKE MASUDA and DAISUKE SAITO: Quality Diversity for Synthesizer Sound Matching | XIANKE WANG, WEI XU, JUANTING LIU, WEIMING YANG and WENQING CHENG: An Audio-Visual Fusion Piano Transcription Approach Based on Strategy

Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects
DAFx2020in21 Vol.2
Evangelista, Gianpaolo |  
Holighaus, Nicki |
Conference Proceedings
534 - Sound & related vibrations
Open Access
ISSN: 2413-6689
ISBN: 978-3-200-08378-3