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Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects

eDAFx2020 : DAFx2020in21 Vol.1

Evangelista, Gianpaolo

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Abstract (English)

Session 1: Spatial Audio and Artificial Reverberation I: PATRIK LECHNER: Room Impulse Response Estimation Using Signed Distance Functions | OTTO PUOMIO, TAPANI PIHLAJAKUJA and TAPIO LOKKI: An Acoustic Paintbrush Method for Simulated Spatial Room Impulse Responses | KAROLINA PRAWDA, SILVIN WILLEMSEN, STEFANIA SERAFIN and VESA VÄLIMÄKI: Flexible Real-Time Reverberation Synthesis with Accurate Parameter Control | ANDY SARROFF and ROTH MICHAELS: Blind Arbitrary Reverb Matching | ACHILLE AKNIN, THÉOPHILE DUPRÉ and ROLAND BADEAU: Evaluation of a Stochastic Reverberation Model Based on the Source Image Principle | MAARTEN VAN WALSTIJN: Numerical Calculation of Modal Spring Reverb Parameters | SADJAD SIDDIQ: Optimization of Convolution Reverberation | Session 2: Virtual Analog: LASSE KÖPER and MARTIN HOLTERS: Taming the Red Llama—Modeling a CMOS-Based Overdrive Circuit | DAVIDE ALBERTINI, ALBERTO BERNARDINI and AUGUSTO SARTI: Antiderivative Antialiasing in Nonlinear Wave Digital Filters | KURT JAMES WERNER and RUSSELL MCCLELLAN: Moog Ladder Filter Generalizations Based on State Variable Filters | RÉMY MÜLLER and THOMAS HÉLIE: Fully-Implicit Algebro-Differential Parametrization of Circuits | Session 3: Audio Processing and Effects: ELOI MOLINER, JUSSI RÄMÖ and VESA VÄLIMÄKI: Virtual Bass System With Fuzzy Separation of Tones and Transients | JATIN CHOWDHURY: Stable Structures for Nonlinear Biquad Filters | PURBADITYA BHATTACHARYA, PATRICK NOWAK and UDO ZÖLZER: Optimization of cascaded parametric peak and shelving filters with backpropagation algorithm | ALEXANDER RAMIREZ, VIKAS TOKALA, ANTONIN NOVAK, FREDERIC ABLITZER and MANUEL MELON: Bistable Digital Audio Effect | ONDŘEJ MOKRÝ, PAVEL RAJMIC and PAVEL ZÁVIŠKA: Flexible Framework for Audio Restoration | TRAVIS SKARE: GPGPU Patterns for Serial and Parallel Audio Effects | Session 4: Synthesis: KASPER NIELSEN: Practical Linear and Exponential Frequency Modulation for Digital Music Synthesis | JATIN CHOWDHURY, ELLIOT K. CANFIELD-DAFILOU and MARK RAU: Water Bottle Synthesis with Modal Signal Processing | GERARD ROMA, OWEN GREEN and PIERRE ALEXANDRE TREMBLAY: Audio Morphing Using Matrix Decomposition and Optimal Transport | TIM KIRBY and MARK SANDLER: Advanced Fourier Decomposition for Realistic Drum Synthesis | PHILIPP SCHMALFUß, MAX NEUPERT and BJÖRN KESSLER: Efficient Snare-Drum Model for Acoustic Interfaces with Piezoelectric Sensors | JAKE DRYSDALE, MACIEK TOMCZAK and JASON HOCKMAN: Adversarial Synthesis of Drum Sounds | DOMINIK CHAPMAN: Complementary N-gon Waves and Shuffled Samples Noise | ZDENĚK PRŮŠA, NICKI HOLIGHAUS and PETER BALAZS: Accelerating Matching Pursuit for Multiple Time-Frequency Dictionaries | Session 5: Physical Modeling: MAXIMILIAN SCHÄFER, RUDOLF RABENSTEIN and SEBASTIAN J. SCHLECHT: A String in a Room: Mixed-Dimensional Transfer Function Models for Sound Synthesis | ABHIRAM BHANUPRAKASH, MAARTEN VAN WALSTIJN and PAUL STAPLETON: A Finite Difference Model for Articulated Slide-String Simulation | JUDY NAJNUDEL, THOMAS HÉLIE, RÉMY MÜLLER and DAVID ROZE: A Power-Balanced Dynamic Model of Ferromagnetic Coils | Session 6: Spatial Audio and Artificial Reverberation II: SEBASTIAN J. SCHLECHT: FDNTB: The Feedback Delay Network Toolbox | JON FAGERSTRÖM, BENOIT ALARY, SEBASTIAN J. SCHLECHT and VESA VÄLIMÄKI: Velvet-Noise Feedback Delay Network | NILS MEYER-KAHLEN, SEBASTIAN J. SCHLECHT and TAPIO LOKKI: Fade-In Control for Feedback Delay Networks | ORCHISAMA DAS, JONATHAN ABEL and ELLIOT K. CANFIELD-DAFILOU: Delay Network Architectures for Room and Coupled Space Modeling | KURT JAMES WERNER: Energy-Preserving Time-Varying Schroeder Allpass Filters | TIM LÜBECK, HANNES HELMHOLZ, JOHANNES MATHIAS AREND, CHRISTOPH PÖRSCHMANN and JENS AHRENS: Perceptual Evaluation of Mitigation Approaches of Impairments Due to Spatial Undersampling in Binaural Rendering of Spherical Microphone Array Data: Dry Acoustic Environments | ERIC MÉAUX and SYLVAIN MARCHAND: Interaural Cues Cartography: Localization Cues Repartition for Three Spatialization Methods | Session 7: Machine Learning and Analysis: SHAHAN NERCESSIAN: Neural Parametric Equalizer Matching Using Differentiable Biquads | BLAI MELÉNDEZ-CATALÁN, EMILIO MOLINA and EMILIA GÓMEZ: Relative Music Loudness Estimation Using Temporal Convolutional Networks and a CNN Feature Extraction Front-End | ALEC WRIGHT and VESA VÄLIMÄKI: Neural Modelling of Time-Varying Effects | YUTA KUSAKA, KATSUTOSHI ITOYAMA, KENJI NISHIDA and KAZUHIRO NAKADAI: Onset-Informed Source Separation Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization with Binary Masks | BORIS KUZNETSOV, JULIAN PARKER and FABIAN ESQUEDA: Differentiable IIR Filters for Machine Learning Applications | ANTÓNIO RAMIRES, GILBERTO BERNARDES, MATTHEW E. P. DAVIES and XAVIER SERRA: TIV.lib: An Open-Source Library for the Tonal Description of Musical Audio | HENRIK JÜRGENS, REEMT HINRICHS and JÖRN OSTERMANN: Recognizing Guitar Effects and Their Parameter Settings | PHILIPPE ESLING, NINON DEVIS, ADRIEN BITTON, ANTOINE CAILLON, AXEL CHEMLA-ROMEU-SANTOS and CONSTANCE DOUWES: Diet Deep Generative Audio Models with Structured Lottery

Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects
eDAFx2020 : DAFx2020in21 Vol.1
Evangelista, Gianpaolo |  
Conference Proceedings
534 - Sound & related vibrations
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